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1. The League shall be called The Steeple Bumpstead Bowls League.

2. The League shall elect a President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, League Captain,  League Fixture/Results Secretary and Competition Secretary. These,  together with a representative from each team   in the League, shall  form the full Committee. Half the number of representatives will be a  quorum. If an Emergency Meeting is called by the Management  Committee, all representatives are required to attend, a fine being the  penalty for failure to attend.

  3. The Management Committee will consist of the President, the Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer, League Captain, League Fixtures/ Results Secretary the Competitions Secretary and a representative from each of five clubs.

  4. Each League team will be allowed one delegate to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

  5. Clubs entering teams in the League shall pay a subscription for each team entered. 

 Any deficit at the end of the season shall be made up by the clubs subscribing equally.

 All new teams entering the League shall start in the lowest division.

  6. Alterations and additions to these rules may only be made at the Annual General Meeting, held in November. They must be submitted in writing to the Secretary 28 days before the meeting.

  7. Matters in dispute must be submitted by the Club Secretary in writing to the League Secretary within seven days of their occurrence. No action can be taken on verbal reports.


 8. All matches shall be played under League or Competition Rules (or E.B.A. where our Rules do not apply). All protests and disputes shall be decided by the League Management Committee whose decision shall be final.

  9. Each team will play a home and an away fixture against each other team in their Division. The match will consist of three triples of 18 ends. A draw will be made for rinks. Two points will be awarded for the winner of each triple and one for a draw. Four points will be awarded to the overall shots winner.

 10. In League, K.O. Cups and Walter Smith Cup matches there shall be no trial ends. Only one shot may be scored on the first end.

 11. In Cup Competitions players must have played in at least three League games to be eligible for the semi-final or the Final. Clubs are to notify the League Fixture & Results Secretary of their teams at least 48 hours before the Final. Any alterations to the team due ti sickness etc. must be notified to the league Fixture & Results Secretary before the start of the game.

 12. League games will be played on either Friday or Monday evenings.

 13. (a) In the event of a League Triples having to be abandoned due to weather , if a total of 36 ends have been completed , the score when the match was abandoned will count as a result.

 A Walter Smith Cup or a Knockout Cup game is abandoned due to weather, it will be replayed from the start.

 (b) League fixtures must be played on the arranged date, which appears in the League Handbook. The date is fixed when the Handbook goes to press. Up to that date clubs can negotiate fixture changes with the League Results Secretary.  Bad weather is the only acceptable reason for postponement.

 (c) If a fixture is postponed for any other reason than bad weather, the team postponing the game will have 10 points deducted from their overall points total. The game must be re-arranged within a week and the Fixture/Results Secretary informed of the new date. If the game is not played by the end of the season, their opponents will be awarded the equivalent of the average number of points for gained through the season.

 (d) If a game is postponed, the Home Captain should inform the League Results Secretary as soon as possible and certainly within the next three days. The date of the rearranged fixture should also be communicated to the Results Secretary as soon as possible.

 (e) A re-arranged fixture may not be scheduled for a date after the last Friday on the fixture list. The exception to this is a fixture affected by bad weather on that last Friday.

14. (a)  Clubs with more than one team in the league should be free to move players from one team to another for the sole purpose of ensuring that full teams are fielded in all matches  but no player from  a higher team (defined by league position ) may play in the lower team in the last two league games of the season or the semi final or final. The player is deemed to be a player for the highest Team if she/he has played three times or more during the season.

  (b) In League games and Division Knockout Cup games  if a team arrives a player short (eight players), 15 minutes will be allowed for the player to arrive. If the player has not arrived after that time, the triple in which the player had been included will become a pair and will be played in accordance with Appendix Rule 14 (b) shown in the handbook. No further penalty will be imposed on the team playing eight bowlers.

  (c) In the event of illness or injury a substitute is allowed.

  (d) The minimum width of a rink shall be twelve feet.

  (e) League matches and Competitions shall commence on time: at 6.30 pm except the first two matches in May and the last two matches in August, which shall commence at 6.15 pm.

  (f) Dress Code: All players shall wear for every match affiliated to the League the following:-

 A white or registered club colour top, tie and cravat is optional, and grey trousers – no players are to wear jeans or jogging bottoms.  (Ladies may wear grey trousers or skirt).

 Waterproof jackets/coats should be white whenever possible.

 When a player represents the League they are NOT to wear their Club tops  but a white shirt/top and men to wear a tie ( not necessarily a League tie) . This dress code is for The Dick Moody Officers Trophy and also when playing for "The Rest" in "The Champs vs The Rest ". NO players are to wear grey jeans or jogging bottoms , but grey trousers or Ladies to wear grey skrts of trousers. The correct dress code is mandatory for Finals Day.

 Should a player arrive to play in these matches and not be dressed accordingly the League will not allow the player to play.

 As regards League, Cup and Competition matches , it is requested that players abide by the dress code , however , should a home team see that a player of the visiting side who is not wearing the appropriate dress code then the home team will allow the player to play in the match but will write to the away side and state that she/he will not be welcome at their club again if the dress code is improper again.

(g) Players shall wear smooth-soled heel-less footwear, as required in E.B.A rules.

15. The result cards,  signed and dated by both Captains, must be scanned and emailed or posted to the League Results Secretary , to reach him no later than FIVE days after the date of the game. Should the cards not be received in time there will be ONE point deduction made against the home team. Should there be an incorrectly filled in score card, there will be a TWO points deduction to both teams.

 16.The team scoring the highest number of points at the end of the season shall be the Division Champions and shall hold the trophy for one year.

All trophies presented at Finals Day including every Competition and Divisional Champions and Runners up Shileds must be retunred to the League Secretary by 1st August the following season.  Under no circumstances are the trophies to become the property of any person or any club. The club or person holding the trophy shall be responsible for the return of the trophy or its value.

17. If two or more teams have scored the same number of points at the end of the season, the team with highest shots difference shall be the Division winner. The same criterion would also apply to determine relegation positions.

 18. The winners of each of the Divisions of the League are required to enter a team of at least eight bowlers for the Champions vs The Rest fixture on the Saturday after Finals Day. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the Committee imposing a penalty as this is considered a League fixture. All Divisional trophies will be presented at this match. Knockout Cups, the Walter Smith Cup and Competition Trophies will be presented at Finals Day.

19. If Finals Day is rained off, it will be moved to the venue and date of the Champions v The Rest fixture (which is a Saturday). That fixture will be rearranged for another Saturday in September if possible.


Any player from any Club representing the Steeple Bumpstead League to be found to bring the League into disrepute will be banned for a period agreed by the Management Committee.


Appendix Rule 14 [B]

The order of play where a pair will play when a triples cannot play should be as follows:
(the pair of players known as Team A)

When Team A wins the jack

Lead A / Lead B / Second B
Lead A / Lead B / Second B
Lead A / Lead B / Second B
Skips play as normal

When Team B wins the jack

Lead B / Lead A / Second B
Lead B / Lead A / Second B
Lead B / Lead A / Second B
Skips play as normal

So no player plays consecutively.

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